Personal Profile: Hey my name is Shalema. I'm hoping to find a home health aide position in Hopewell, Virginia. I'm planning to apply my abilities as a home health aide. I will work part or full-time as required. Description of Skills: I can take care of administering medication, simple dressing, and respite work. On top of this, I am willing to travel. I have years of paid work experience. How...
Description: I hope you are having a good day. I'm looking for a personal support worker work opportunity in Fort Lee, Virginia. I'm hoping to contribute my abilities as I have personal transportation available. How To Contact Me: Shoot me a message and I'll reply quickly.
About Me: Nice to meet you! My name is Elena. I'm interviewing for a babysitter placement in Chester, Virginia. My aim is to utilize my abilities as a babysitter. I am available as required. Service Abilities: Pretty much anything you need I can provide. I have an 8 yr old sister and have helped my parents take care of her since she was born. I can change diapers, cook, clean if needed, pick up...
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